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SnapGear Embedded Linux - a new breed of Linux

SnapGear's embedded Linux distribution represents state-of-the-art embedded Linux technology for deeply embedded microprocessors with or without MMU (memory management unit), an important advantage in allowing developers more choice in selection of processors for producing vertical ranges of products. SnapGear embedded Linux is unique in providing commercial quality tool chains and processor support in a freely downloadable open source format.

SnapGear's engineering team has been instrumental in the development of uClinux (a subset of SnapGear Embedded Linux) which has been ported to more than 100 chip architectures, as well as the pioneering implementation of Microsoft's PPTP VPN standard on Linux. SnapGear's embedded Linux distribution runs in more than 20 million devices globally.

SnapGear Linux was devised to solve some common problems that exist for embedded Linux developers today:

Bringing all of these together in one place is SnapGear Embedded Linux - a distribution for the 21st century.

uClinux and Linux

uClinux (www.uclinux.org) consists of a set of patches to the 2.4 and earlier Linux (www.kernel.org) kernels to provide support for microprocessors lacking a memory management unit (MMU). Since the Linux 2.5 kernel a number of these patches are being rolled into the mainstream development kernel. Over time we expect that there will be conceptually a single Linux kernel source base that can be used to build for a variety of processor architectures. Even when that day arrived there is still going to be a need for SnapGear Embedded Linux to bring together embedded development expertise, toolchain, library and multi-architecture support which is all needed for an embedded development environment. Save time and money, download or buy a SnapGear Embedded Linux source and executables today!

About SnapGear

SnapGear is emerging as a global leader in applying open source and network security technologies to develop unique security appliances and custom embedded solutions for commercial, industrial and enterprise applications.

Initially started in 1995 as Moreton Bay, the company focused on OEM solutions and provided security services to Fortune 500 companies. In 2001, SnapGear was incorporated and today SnapGear develops and manufactures a complete line of Internet security solutions that provide access security and transaction security for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our market opportunity lies in the ongoing growth of the Internet combined with the rapid increase in security consciousness. The Internet is becoming a cost-effective and transparent communications environment but the rapid growth of the Internet far outpaces the security measures required to safely do business. SnapGear secures the edge so that devices may be safely attached to the Internet for a variety of purposes requiring network access free from interference.

SnapGear is set to become the leading global supplier of fully featured, cost-effective Internet access and VPN produ cts and technologies, which our channel and OEM partners use to deliver security solutions to their small to medium ente rprise (SME) customers.

For more information about SnapGear please visit the main About SnapGear page