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Links below point to the SnapGear Embedded Linux Distribution. SnapGear Linux is a full source package, containing kernel, libraries and application code for rapid development of embedded Linux systems.


The following link is the latest snapshot source package that includes support for a wide variety of CPU architectures. It contains support for X86, M68k, ColdFire, ARM/XSCALE, Sparc, NEC v850, Hitachi SuperH and other micrprocessor archiecture based target hardware. It also contains 2.0.39, 2.4.27 and 2.6.9 Linux kernel sources, glibc-2.2.5, uC-libc, newer uClibc-0.9.26 libraries and a huge collection of application packages - everything you need to build fully functional embedded Linux systems.

SnapGear Embedded Linux (3.2.0) [tarred gzipped]

This is a source only package. You will need a tool chain to generate anything useful from this source. Several pre-built binary tools packages are available.

Also available is a patch package that can be used to build the Intel IXP4xx Access Library code as part of the SnapGear distribution.

SnapGear IXP400 Access Library patch [shar]


uClinux Tool Chains:

Linux Tool Chains:

Generally speaking the tool chains consists of at least the following packages:

Some targets also require additional tools for generating FLAT format binaries (uClinux targets), filesystem creation tools (genromfs, genext2fs, etc) or checksumming utilities. Original source, patches and build scripts for all binaries are available using the source links above. You can browse the tools directory here.


If you have the bandwidth / patience you can pull absolutely everything in a single ISO image:

SnapGear Embedded Linux Distribution [iso]

Otherwise, please visit our buy page for information about how you can get a CD shipped to you.


You can find older versions, if any, in the archive directory.